Episode 45: Russ Ortiz ft. Co-Host Preston Hancock

Russ Ortiz, a former MLB player, shares how he came to faith and what was integral to remaining steadfast in the Lord throughout his career. Looking back on his life so far, he shares how he is able to recognize the ways the Lord protected him, provided for him, and kept him grounded.

Episode 44: James Nieman ft. Co-Host Kenny Walmsley

James Nieman, widely recognized as the saxophone player on the worship team, also has a heart for serving youth in student ministries and shares how the Lord faithfully walked with him throughout his life; from his earliest memories as a child, through experiencing a horrific tragedy in his youth, to bringing him back to himself in his late teenage years, God set him on a course that has allowed him to impact others for the Kingdom.

Episode 43: Krystle Porter ft. Co-Host Julie Gransee

“The Lord adopted me on a whole other level; He says, ‘My home looks completely different from anything you’ve experienced.'” In this episode, Krystle Porter, a humble and kind member of our church and mom of five, shares how the Lord graciously pursued her and revealed Himself to her as the One who would completely fulfill the deep yearning she had to be loved. When she placed her trust in Jesus at 17, He adopted her into His family and provided a pathway to find healing and freedom from the pain of her past. Now as Krystle parents her own children, she sees how the Lord is redeeming parts of her broken childhood and reminding her of His perfect, fatherly love for her.

Episode 42: The Elders of Red Mountain

In this special podcast episode, the Red Mountain Elder Board shares how the Spirit has directed them to make the decisions they’ve made surrounding the Raise Up Campus Completion Project, as well as shed light on the ways God is instructing RMCC to prioritize the discipleship of children and accomplish His kingdom work according to His perfect timing.

Episode 41: Preston Zeller ft. Co-Host Dave Emigh

Preston Zeller is an artist in our church body with accomplishments across multiple mediums, including film, photography, music, and fine art. Following the death of his brother in 2019, Preston set out to paint for a year straight to process his own grief and share the experience along the way to stir conversation about how we deal with grief in society. In this special episode, we got to hear how the Lord met Preston during this difficult time in his life and how He is using his gifts to help others find healing in their grief.

You can learn more about his feature-length film, The Art of Grieving, and where to watch it at theartofgrievingfilm.com.

Episode 40: Gwynn Haas ft. Co-Host Zach Hollifield

“God leveled every hill I was ready to die on.” Gwynn Haas shares the journey the Lord has led her on since she fully put her faith in Jesus while on a missions trip, and how God has since captured her heart for missions and His people.

Episode 39: Bonnie Curran ft. Co-Host Jessica Garcia

On this episode, Bonnie Curran shares her journey of coming to faith in Jesus–how the Lord brought her to Himself in a unique way–and how He continues to reveal rich layers of Himself to her as she studies His Word.

Episode 38: The Shepherds ft. Co-Host Brooklyn Meeker

Doug and Tereasa Shepherd share how they came to know God, how He has used them to shed His light in various dark places, and how He stirred their hearts towards long-term overseas missions. They also talked about a very difficult experience they endured as parents and how the Lord used and continues to use that tragedy for His glory. Today, they lean into the Spirit and obey His call to minister to their family and other youth.

Episode 37: Michelle Copeland ft. Co-Host Becky Bibelheimer

In this podcast episode, Michelle Copeland, a longtime member of Red Mountain, shares her story of trusting and waiting on the Lord, especially during a hard season of infertility. She shares how the Lord used this season and her faith community to help her understand God’s love for her in a new light.

Episode 36: Keith Braun ft. Co-Host Zach Hollifield

Keith Braun, one of our Elder Emeritus, shares how he came to faith in Jesus, and how the Lord used him both in overseas medical missions and in the local church body as a leader for children and adults alike. Keith also touched on the pricelessness of using all that you have for Christ: your gifts, your trade, your energy and resources with a thankful heart.

Episode 35: Jonathan Smith ft. Special Host Preston Hancock

“Are you prepared to die?” In this action-packed podcast episode, Jonathan Smith shares an unforgettable moment in his adolescence that would change his life forever. God has used that moment in Jonathan’s life to influence hundreds of people for Him and His glory.

Episode 34: Kevin Norton ft. Co-Host Bob Fox

In this podcast episode, we heard from Kevin Norton, a long-time Elder at Red Mountain and Chairman of the Elder Board. It was great to learn about his faith journey and his job insuring churches, and as he prepares to transition into Elder Emeritus, what serving as Chairman has been like for him all these years.

Episode 33: Paeter Frandsen ft. Co-Host Jessica Garcia

In this special podcast episode, our regular host, Paeter Frandsen, aired as our guest. Paeter has such a unique calling and has used his gifting to create a one-of-a-kind ministry geared towards Christian Geeks. In this episode, Paeter shares the story behind his ministry, Spirit Blade Production and how it led to the creation of Christian Geek Central.

Episode 28: Carolyn Walker ft. Co-Host Hallie Carl

Carolyn Walker shares an incredible story about how the Lord was present with her while her husband was a prisoner of war during WWII and how God radically transformed their hearts to forgive and serve those who had wronged them.

Episode 25: Daniel and Coreen Esplin ft. Co-Host Preston Hancock

Daniel and Coreen Esplin share some of the difficulties Native Christians face and how their ministry at Indian Bible College seeks to instruct Native Christians in the Word and equip them to spread Jesus’ light to their communities.

Episode 23: Della Zwick ft. Co-Host Bob Fox

Della gives us insight into her unique position in ministry, where she gets to walk with people in their last stages of life. She shares several stories and themes from these encounters and notes how the hope we have in Jesus is vital to dealing with the reality of death.

Episode 19: Jodi Bray ft. Co-Host Matt Gibson

Jodi Bray shares her unique perspective as a nurse on the front lines facing the Covid-19 pandemic and talks about trusting in Jesus through everything.
Watch the Bray’s family videos here:

Episode 11: Kim and Brian Moody ft. Co-Host Becky Bibelheimer

Kim and Brian share how God’s presence has never left them even when they’ve felt alone, and how He continually provides hope for their family, even in the midst of their daughter facing severe health problems and losing their son.